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Testimonial from Josh Robinhood

Gaining and Maintaining PAYtience in the Stock Market

Thanos Crossover Strategy - Using the 9ma with the MACD

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 "Josh, also known as Ak47, has been an invaluable mentor in helping me improve my trading skills. When I first started working with him, I was struggling with inconsistent results – either not making money or making gains that I would quickly give back due to mistakes and overtrading. The first and most important lesson Josh taught me was to simplify my trading approach. As someone who was self-taught, I had developed numerous bad habits over the years. Through his one-on-one coaching sessions, Josh helped me identify and eliminate those detrimental habits. More than just an excellent trading instructor, Josh also acted as a "therapist" of sorts. He helped me understand how my personal tendencies and mindset were leading me to trade in a self-destructive manner. This self-awareness allowed me to course-correct and avoid the pitfalls that had consistently limited my trading profits in the past. Once I started following Josh's suggestions and simplifying my trading style, I immediately saw a massive improvement in my results. I went from a roller-coaster of sporadic gains and losses to consistently profitable trading. I cannot recommend Josh highly enough, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced trader looking to take your skills to the next level. His ability to impart trading wisdom while also providing invaluable psychological coaching sets him apart. Josh is a trading guru and a mentor in the truest sense."

Miguel - Mafia1

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